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10 Proven Ways to Lead a Happier Life

So you are feeling a bit down today? Looking for a bit of happiness? Well, you have come to the right place. Happiness is the key to living an ultimate life. If we are happy, all of the inconveniences of life get squashed under the opportunities that are presented to us. So, to help get you to this phenomenal state of emotion, we here at The Ultimate Psyche have developed 10 ways to boost your emotional state instantly, so that you can feel happy more often!

#1 Exercise

I have said it before, and I will say it again, exercising regularly is the key to a happy and healthy life. We all know the benefits of regular exercise on our physical health. The effects on our mental health are just as brilliant. Going out for a jog, a swim or even a walk can create feelings of euphoria, which can instantly change your state of emotion through the release of endorphins. The benefits of exercise are endless! So get out there!

#2 Embrace the morning

A dreaded time for many, but it is the most influential part of the day. If we complete our morning feeling empowered, we are likely to carry this emotion forward throughout our day. If we are already in the right emotional state, then there is no need for it to be changed. So take every step you can in the morning to start your day in the correct way.

#3 Improve the quality of your sleep

I’m sure you are bored of hearing it, but your parents did not just say it to annoy you! You need to improve the quality of your sleep. Entering deep sleep, and more importantly, REM sleep, will allow your mind to rest, rather than just your body. This will help you to feel more positive throughout the day, avoiding feelings of irritability which can be caused by a poor nights sleep. Tips on how to improve the quality of your sleep are on the way, so stay tuned!

#4 Productivity is key

You know that sense of achievement that you get after a productive day? You go to bed feeling as if you have ‘seized the day’ leaving you in a fantastic mood. By being productive, and achieving your daily goals, you are indirectly boosting your happiness by increasing your self-esteem. You have made the most of the day that you have been given. So set yourself daily goals, and look to complete them as the day goes on!

Progress equals happiness.” – Tony Robbins

#5 Try something new every day

Sometimes in life, we may feel a lack of happiness simply because we are bored. It relates to the basic human need for uncertainty or variety. By this, I mean that we have a need for; surprise, challenge and adventure. By adding a new experience to your life every day, you can ensure this need for uncertainty is met, allowing you to feel happier on a regular basis. For some more information on the 5 other basic human needs, click here.

#6 Turn up the music

Do you ever find yourself sub-consciously jamming to an upbeat tune? I think you would be lying if you said you didn’t! Research shows that listening to uplifting music can help to reduce stress, therefore helping to eliminate some of the feelings that we don’t want to be focusing on! Specifically, when listening to your tunes, try and keep your goal of transforming your mood in mind, as research shows that this can lead directly to increased happiness! 🙂

#7 Do a good deed every day

We all have an unconscious mechanism inside of us that automatically makes us feel good when we help another person with something. This can be anyone. A friend, a family member or even a stranger. Keep your eyes peeled throughout the day to see if you can help anyone with what they’re doing. By contributing and making an impact, even if it’s only minimal, you will automatically feel happier instantly! 🙂

#8 Go outside and appreciate the day

If you are lucky enough to live near nature, go out and make use of it! Spending time in the outdoors, mainly in the sunlight, can help to boost your levels of vitamin D. Not only is this great for your immune system but also your mood. Insufficient amounts of vitamin D have been linked to depression, so get to the beach, go for a walk, whatever it is, spend some time outside!

#9 Meditate

It really isn’t what you think it is. Meditation is a tool anyone can use to boost their emotional well-being. Just make 10 minutes for yourself every day. Sit down, breathe, clear your mind and focus on living in the now, just for 10 minutes. Over time, you will find your thoughts will gradually begin to change, along with your mood. You will be surprised how 10 minutes a day of peaceful thought can change your life!

#10 Express gratitude

The final, and probably most effective way to feel happier instantly, is to express gratitude every single day. As cheesy as it sounds, there are times where you need to tell yourself how lucky you really are. Being grateful can give you a boost of needed energy, whilst also increasing your feelings of optimism. Every morning, perhaps during your meditation period, ask yourself what you are grateful for. Perhaps you are thankful for such kind parents, or that you are able to go out and exercise everyday. Whatever you are grateful for, express it, and I promise you will be happier over time!

Take-home message: Feeling a bit happier? If not, get out there and start applying these techniques to your life. Go for a run, listen to Mr Bluesky by ELO, or go and help someone in need! I promise you will begin to feel much more ecstatic about life! Now be sure to remember, that it is not natural to be happy all of the time. It’s what makes us human, we need the sad times to make the happy times feel even more spectacular! 🙂 But we can still use these tips to change our emotional state. Remember – be happy!

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