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10 Ways to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level

Whether your relationship is at the edge of going bust or you are having the greatest time of your life together, there is always something that couples could do more of to take their relationship to the next level. 

#1 Do or say something daily to show your appreciation.

Whether that involves something through word of mouth or physical contact… showing your partner that you appreciate them is crucial for a healthy relationship. This can be anything from holding hands to actually telling them something of value. Giving a feeling of appreciation is vital, to make your partner feel valued and that you truly care about them and appreciate their presence. By doing this, you will also give your partner a sense of certainty and both of you become more motivated to continuously build a better and better relationship.

#2 Have a nice approach.

If you have a concern about something and start speaking her/him in a reproachful way, expect they will come the same way back at you. What I noticed many times between couples or marriages is that this can quickly escalate into heavy conflicts you actually didn’t want to get yourself into… Keep in mind that your partner may have a different way of interpreting your message, so adjusting your tone and voice are crucial. Once you become more aware of this, you’ll find yourself being able to sort out virtually any problem without getting into conflict.

#3 Keep things hot.

Remember that time when you truly fell in love with your partner? Well, I hope this is still the case, yet I believe that it is worth mentioning that both of you constantly work on keeping the spark alive. What tends to happen once we have settled or gotten used to our partner is that we begin to slowly fade away from that incredible feeling of love and desire to be close to them. We simply become used to them. Many couples don’t make it past this point… break-ups are usually the result of the partner being ‘boring’ or not ‘interesting enough’ anymore. So keep things exciting and hot! Whether that is when making love to each other or telling good stories from nights out… perhaps make them a little jealous, but not too much as this can quickly be misinterpreted, but a little jealousy isn’t too bad sometimes… Try out new things and always set new highlights for one another and you will find your relationship being taken to an entirely new level!

“Do what you did in the beginning of a relationship and there won’t be an end.” – Anthony Robbins

#4 Remind each other why you fell in love with one another.

What I mean by this, is that sometimes times may get tough. Whether that is due to financial problems, the presence of others or job issues. Eventually, your relationship will be tested. If you and your partner truly know and remind each other why you’ve fallen in love, there is virtually nothing that can separate you. Knowing this will give you a ‘renewable energy resource’ that will always keep your relationship going. Promise

#5 Have similar values.

Values are the standards we live by. The quality of our life is determined by the values we set ourselves and decide to live by. Sharing the same values with your partner is key to a solid foundation for a long-term relationship. Whether those are values like discipline, financial security or more simple things like hygiene… you name it. Surely there may be some things your partner or you may have to adjust to, but sharing the same core values on how you lead your life is very crucial for being on the same ‘wavelength’.

#6 Don’t be each other’s everything.

‘You are my everything’ is a pretty lousy saying and an even worse relationship plan.  It’s perfectly fine showing each other love and affection, but you certainly won’t find happiness and self-fulfillment by letting your partner be their everything to you. Be your own master. What I mean by this is that you should have relationships outside of your actual relationship. Go out with friends and have a boys or girls night out. If you sit at home all weekend you’ll start to get on each other’s nerves very quickly. So get a life!

#7 Conflict is inevitable.

I know this may sound a little strange… but in a healthy relationship, conflict is inevitable. I actually consider it to be a good thing. As long as it doesn’t happen every day, conflicts or disputes can help ‘clean the air’. Even stronger controversies can help partners gain clarity. Remember that it is you and our partner vs. the problem and not you vs. your partner. Be gentle when it comes to conflict and consider each other’s needs.

“Listen to understand, not necessarily to agree and definitely​ not to respond.”

#8 Take care of each other.

I truly believe that communicating with each other is incredibly important. Talk to each other about your problems, issues, needs etc. Sit down with your partner and talk to them about things that bother them. You should always try and make the greatest effort to help each other with issues whether those are emotional, mental, physical or financial. Look after each other and let them know that you’ll always be there for them. Remember that you are a team.

#9 Be sensational.

Let me explain. Making love to each other isn’t simply about an orgasm. I believe that sex with your partner should be about sensations, emotions, and intimacy. Feel each other’s physical touch and presence. Appreciate it. Thanks to the wonderful release of hormones, improved health and a better immune system, sex really should have a lot more meaning than simply ‘getting off.’

#10 Identify the good conflicts and work on them together.

Nobody’s perfect. Every single one of us has their very own tics and sometimes they get in the way of our relationship. I consider these ‘good conflicts’. Often times, especially in long-term relationships we find that the thing that we most desire from our partner is the one thing he or she isn’t capable of giving us. Please don’t treat this as the end of your love. I consider this the beginning of much ‘deeper love’ as both of you now have something to work on together and look forward to. If both of you can name it and commit to working on it this will truly take your relationship to the next level. Appreciate your partner the way he is. I consider this to be the true key to happiness.

Take-home message. So after reading this blog-article, perhaps try and apply some of these tips and tricks to your relationship. I’m sure you’ll find that when committing yourself to some of these, your relationship will be taken to a completely new level. Drop us a comment to let us know what your best piece of advice for relationships is. 🙂

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