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6 Unavoidable Topics That Should Not Be Left Out In a Relationship

Clarity and communication is the aim to make a relationship a long-lasting one. They are like oxygen to live. Without them, it will die.

Communicating with our partner is key to a healthy relationship. Without solid communication, it can get very difficult to resolve some of the problems your relationship may be facing. Problems related to financial aspects, future plans, general expectations you may have for each other or sex. These are just some of the topics we believe are incredibly important to talk about with each other.

#1 Knowing each other’s values and rules

Everyone has different rules they live by. No matter if you’re in a relationship or enjoying the single life, we all have our very own values and rules we live by on a day-to-day basis. These values shape the quality of the life we lead. Whether those be related to striving to climb the career ladder or much more simple things like hygiene. Knowing your partners is incredibly important. This lets you know how well you can identify yourselves and be on the same wavelength.

Rules are the different ways of how things are done by us. These can be very simple. For instance, I have the rule to always wash my dishes straight after cooking a meal, as I don’t want them to lie around in the sink. I know this example may sound a little weird. Knowing each other’s rules is an indicator of how well you’re made for each other. So talk about them.

#2 Talk about each other’s problems

We all have our very own problems that lie deep inside of us. Often the result of childhood upbringing. Problems can be the driving force of our daily emotions and actions. Communicating your problems to your partner will not only help you understand the reasons behind their behavior but also seek better and more creative solutions to the problem at hand.

Remember: It’s you and me vs. the problem…Not you vs. me.

#3 Find out their future plans

Women love to talk about this. They may start thinking about getting married, having children, building a family… most woman desire this, and so most require a sense of security for it. Talking about our future plans helps our partner get clarity on what they aim to get themselves into. This can be good and bad. Good in the sense that both partners realize they have the same future plans and bad in a sense that they don’t.

#3 Sex talk

Your partner doesn’t know what you desire or expect if you don’t tell them. None of us are mind readers! Talking about your sex life with each other is crucial if you want to keep things hot. Talk about each other’s desires and fantasies. This can help both to constantly reinvent themselves to make love with each other and ultimately make your relationship more fulfilling and exciting.

#4 What do you expect from each other?

Compromises in a relationship in a relationship are inevitable. They serve to meet each other’s needs. Whether those needs are related to simple things like cooking dinner or things related to your finances. Knowing each other’s expectations allows both of you to live together with a greater sense of harmony and less friction. At times, expectations may end up being misunderstandings. So make sure to be clear when communicating these to each other.

#6 Reflect on your relationship

Self-awareness rules. Knowing where your relationship currently stands allows both of you to know what actions you need to take to either improve your relationship or make it flourish. Whether the relationship is at the stage of going bust or flourishing, reflecting with each other upon your relationship allows you to gear it in the right direction which will lead to a happy and fulfilled life.

Take-home message. Open communication with each other is key. Period. Gaining clarity, focus and trust take your relationship to the next level.

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