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4 Ways To Eliminate The Fear of Social Judgement – How To Not Care What Other’s Think About You

You often find yourself inhibited by the presence of others and are occasionally afraid of what others may think of you. It kind of bugs you as you really aim to go after what you really want to do one day, but often you just find yourself a little lost in thoughts of what others may have to say to this... the good news? Just like you, we've been there too and will help you overcome this fear right now.

Most of you reading this, will most likely also follow our Instagram page. This is the place where you can actually see us two blokes giving you some advice for your life that doesn’t actually suck. šŸ˜› More and more we do like to talk about the topic of self-confidence and how you can actually get more of it… and that’s exactly what we’d like to touch on again with this blog post.

To truly not give a single f*** of what others think about you, we believe building your confidence is the start of everything. Well, thatĀ sounds simple!!! But how the heck do you do that???

#1 Build your belief

True and deep self-confidence is anchored in our ability to truly believe in ourselves… even if others don’t. The reality is that most people are concernedĀ about what others think about them becauseĀ theyĀ are haunted by a deep sense of insecurity. The insecurity of not being smart enough, tough enough, good-looking enough or simply put… not good enough. I’ve come to notice that the majority of youngsters actually experience such inner mental states. How can I say that? I’m just another one who still faces these problems, often on a day-to-day basis. So what can you actually do?

  • Meditate. I love writing down my goals in my goals-book. I always take it with me whenever I travel. And yes, at the very beginning of this year, I wrote out in BIG FAT WRITING that my major goal this year and is to enormously boost my self-belief. And the way I was to go after that was through daily meditation practice and affirmations. Meditating may at first sound like you really gotta figure out how to really do it, yet the reality is that meditating is something that everyone can practice in their own way. Just find a quiet spot and then take 10-15 minutes minimum to calm your body and keep telling yourself what area you want to grow in. Visualize it. Say it. Feel it. May sound nuts… it’s not! šŸ˜‰

#2 Doing things that scare you

This leads me on to my next way I think deserves a separateĀ point here. The reason for that, being that in my opinion, this still remains the number one way to build your self-belief. Why? You can probably answer that question for yourself… Think of a time you’ve done something that really scared the living daylights out of you (it doesn’t matter if your mum made you do it). Anyway, remember that moment when you actually achieved what you were really afraid of doing in the first place? It feels great! Not only that, but the best part to this is that you actually feel like you can take on the entire world, don’t you? This is exactly where self-belief comes from. It’s your ability to think of yourself as someone who can take on any challenge and succeed no matter what obstacles come your way.

If you’ve never experienced this feeling or just never taken on a challenge that was bigger than yourself, maybe this moment is the right time to do so. And it all starts with finishing to read this blog post. No matter how boring you’re finding it.

#3 Realizing that nobody really caresĀ 

Often when you find yourself watching random Instagram or Snapchat stories from people in your community, how much do you truly care what they’re up to? No, I’m not talking about your best friend or your mum! I’m talking about those people that are just… there. The amount you care of what food they are eating, or what glamorous holidays they are on really doesn’t interest you at all!

Just like you, who really isn’t interested in what they are doing, they too are probably more interested about the price of a tea bag in Shanghai than you.

At the end of the day, NOBODY REALLY CARES! Period.

#4 Understanding the cost of not doing

And again, that leads me to my next point… you need to understand that if the fear of social judgement will hold you from doing something, you will always remain that person who will not get after their dreams because they are afraid of what their former third grade idiot friends may think of them.

If nobody really cares about you in the first place, mostly because they don’t believe in you, you may as well prove them massively wrong and get after what you really want to do in life!

In fact, at the end of the day, like James pointed out in one of his vlogs, you will be judged whether you get after your dreams or not! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE JUDGED BY PEOPLE! ACCEPT THIS NOW! So you might as well just do whatever you want.

Take-home message. If you are actually having trouble freeing yourself from the chains of social jdugement, I hope this article was an eye opener. The best thing to do next? Go back to the top, and re-read the entire thing! The next best thing to do is to work on your self-belief. The rest will become clear later. Promise! šŸ™‚

Now get out there and kick ass!!!


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