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College Kids: Here Is Why No One Has Ever Been Luckier Than You Have Been.

You may be on a student loan. You may not be. Either way, for the purpose of this message we have for you in this article, let's ignore the fact that you may be up to 60K in debt. There is hope. In fact, more than you could ever imagine.

First of all, if you’ve made it to university, congratulations. Allow me to tell you why university will be the start of the most amazing journey of your life…Simply said, it’s because you don’t carry life’s ‘baggage’ with you. University is not the time where your daughter will have to go to horse-riding lessons or your boss wants you to stay in late to finish off work. No. University is the time where you get to live in a basement with your four friends and eat fast food!

What university is really about…

We’ve already spoken about the idea that during university you have very little responsibility in contrast to the life you have ten years later. It may be less for some of you reading this… I think that this is probably the reason that makes university so great. Apart from having very little responsibility, you get to meet an enormous amount of people from all over the world and are given the chance to network and build relationships that last a lifetime. Think about it for a minute. Everyone at this place has different backgrounds, a different culture they grew up in, different life experiences and most importantly, different knowledge. I guess some of you may know where I’m going with this…

The point is this – you’re given a 3 to 5-year window, depending on how long you study, to build something you’ve always dreamed of doing with the right people at hand. University is the time to be MASSIVELY risk orientated! You have nothing to lose! It’s the time where no one is going to hold you back from anything. Not even your parents. In fact, your parents are already very proud of the fact that you’ve actually made it to college ;-), even though most of you are probably getting wasted and smashed.

‘But I don’t have a clue of what I want to do with my life…’

That’s totally fine. This even gives you a much greater reason to be happy! You see, the fact you’re bound by very little rules gives you a chance to truly figure out who you are. This goes back to building self-awareness. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to attend dance classes, horse-riding, swimming, meditation classes or just play a team sport. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to build that business you’ve dreamed of. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to meet more people from different countries. On top of this, comes the idea that you actually get to study what you enjoy! If you actively focus on doing the things you want and spend your time constructively you will truly begin to figure out who you actually are. Once you know who you are, you will know what direction you want to go in and execute on whatever idea pops into your head.

Of course, we need to stay focused to value this time. Time can be spent constructively or destructively. It’s your choice. The point of this blog article is to get you to realize and recognize the fact that you now have a 3 to 5-year window, on average, where you’re given the best possible chances and opportunities to start something you truly believe in, and build your future on it.

Take-home message. Remember that it’s okay to not have a clue what you want to do with your life. It’s fine! When you attend university, please take the time, be patient and start figuring out who you are. Start building that business or that club you always wanted. Start going to dance classes, start building your network. You’re now free! It is incredibly important that we value this time of our lives. Remember that this is only a short window. Spend your time constructively! Start building your future the way you imagine it to be. You’ll never be given a better chance to do so. So if you find yourself, sitting in university right now, please realize that no one has ever been luckier than you! Good luck 🙂

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