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3 Very Simple Things We Should Understand About Ourselves

Recently, I came across Mindvalley. Mindvalley is an absolutely revolutionizing place that gives away life-changing content on personal-development, the spirit, the mind relationships etc. In the following post, Mindvalley will give you a highly profound and concise glimpse into the three pillars I believe we should all be aware of. Enjoy the read... ;-)

These three are the essence of our behavioral attributes in the day to day lives. Emotions can have a direct impact on the motivation that we derive from sources around us. Cognition relates to our behavior that generates through our knowledge and understanding of social and behavioral concepts. Let us discuss them one by one here.


When we experience something and how we want to express it, it may be termed as our emotion. For example, you wake up in the morning and feel gloomy and at loss of energy despite taking rest the whole night, it leaves you with the realization of some negative emotional energy. At the same time when you feel happy, calm or excited- these are the signs of positive emotional energy.

Our emotions vary with the experiences of our day to day lives. When something pleasant happens we feel good while if things go unexpectedly wrong we feel sad emotions. There can be various other emotions of stress, anxiety, excitement, anger, confused etc. All these emotions are a part of every human life but we need to have an understanding of our own emotional changes and behaviors so that we can have a better control over how we feel.

When we learn to experience control we can always realize the cause and the factors that affect us emotionally. It is generally the cognition that affects our social emotions.

It’s both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so very deeply.


The mental process of acquiring knowledge through our thoughts, senses, and experiences is known as cognition. It refers to the seamless information which is available to us all around. When we take some information, it gets communicated to the brain through neuro cells. The information is processed and conducted into a certain set of actions on the basis of our cognitive understanding. For example when we see different flowers and appreciate their colors and fragrance. It may prompt us to pluck the flower for its attractiveness while our cognitive behavior may suggest us to let the flowers bloom on to the plants so that they can spread their goodness to more people around.

Cognition plays a very important role in shaping our behavior, our nature and the roles that we play in our lives.

“A man is immortal due to cognition. Knowledge is the root of his immortality.” – Georg Hegel

Cognition is responsible for creating the feelings of motivation among human beings. Motivation arrives when we interpret the right meaning from everything which is present in our surroundings to encourage us towards a better, positive life.

When several types of motives have a widening impact on your thought process, it can be termed as motivation with cognition.


When individuals get driven towards some particular goal with all their intention, it is known as motivation. Motivation is an emotion that drives us to achieve the end results towards a given task through our efforts. Making the efforts in the right direction has to come through within which we term as motivation.

There are various seminars, lectures, and conferences being held every year at several places to motivate people to work towards their goals. For example, the political leaders hold rallies to motivate their supporters to vote for them. Similarly, companies organize timely meetings with their team members to motivate them and find about their problems and concerns.

Motivation is really important to achieve the goals at any level. Students study all around the year with motivation to achieve good marks in their exams. Employees work with motivation to get good appraisals and salaries.

Motivation is present everywhere- from getting up early in the morning to sleeping in the bed, we pursue most of the activities in a day with some motivational aim.

Below I thought I’d show you guys an interview on impact theory with Mindvalley’s founder, Vishen Lakhiani. He’s a great inspiration to me!

Mindvalley University is a place that has the vision of maximizing the human potential. It operates by the belief that learning is a life-long adventure and should never ever stop. I’m a huge believer in this concept myself, and would therefore appreciate it if you guys check out Mindvalley. 🙂

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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