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‘With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility’

Wise & Shine

But does it really Uncle Ben?

Let’s consider the following…

We have all been through some tough shit in our lives.

But you know who also went through some pretty tough times?

William James.

(Let’s call him William for the sake of his story)

Many of you may have heard of William before. If you ever came across some pioneers in psychology or philosophy, you may know what’s about to come.

William was a pretty big failure throughout a large part of his life. At least, his parents, relatives, and friends thought he was (he probably didn’t have any friends in the first place).

Anyway, William was the eldest of three children from one of New England’s most renowned Businessman. The James’s weren’t only good looking and rich, but they were known, at that time, by pretty much everyone. And as you can imagine, they were all smart and…

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