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8 People That Inspire The Shit Out Of Me and That You Should Know About Too!

We all have that someone whom we gawk up to. Whether that's your Instagram crush or your biggest career idol. Here are mine I believe we should all look up to...

#8 Jordan Peterson

Jordan’s a clinical psychologist at the University of Toronto, Canada. No, it’s not the part about him being a clinical psychologist that inspires me or anyone else.

But it’s his rhetoric and quick-wittedness. You ain’t gonna beat this guy in a discussion my friends! He’s the classic example who is excellent at one of the hidden truths psychologists are meant to be pretty good at. Namely that everything you say or do, will be remembered, and at one point, be used against you.

Sounds mean, but that’s how Jordan will literally make you look like a complete idiot when you decide to battle yourself with him.

Apart from that, he’s also a master at his craft. Knowing exactly what makes men and woman tic and how to influence them.

Anyway, let’s go on to the next one…

#7 Vanessa Van Edwards

Look, I get that you may find academic research as exciting as a tree, but let me tell you about Vanessa for a second…

Vanessa, founder of Science of People research lab, is a behavioral investigator and lie detector. She knows exactly how to succeed with people, what influences us, manipulate/persuade us, and how we tic. Her interviews and latest book ‘Captivate: How to Succeed With People’ tell us about what body language can tell us, what simple habits say about us, like when we don’t wash our hands after we piss, and a bunch of other mind-blowing things.

Vanessa influenced my life making me realize what area and skills in psychology I’d like to read about, and perhaps am even passionate about. She fascinates me with her knowledge on the psychology of persuasion and personality and literally makes my jaw drop. The fact that she ain’t that bad looking, puts the cherry on the cake.

#6 Simon Sinek

Apart from being known as the guy who won the internet lottery through his interview going viral, this dude basically redefined and uncovered the success formula.

His book Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action’, is my all-time favorite I’ve read so many times, I would rather not share it with you.

(Just to keep an impression that I do have a life outside of reading books)

Anyway, Simons discovery, the ‘Golden Circle’, a tool originally designed for marketers, explains why some people thrive, succeed, and make the big bucks, whilst others find themselves eating fast food on the couch in their basement all their lives, covered in misery and jealousy.

My friends, please do yourselves a favor and click the video below to enlighten yourself.

#5 Gary Vaynerchuk

If you know this man, you probably know him from Instagram. Gary is an expert at personal branding and marketing. That’s not the exciting part about him though.

The thing that inspires the shit out of me, and I guess, a couple other of million people, is Gary’s mindset, take on entrepreneurship, and story he’s gotta tell.

I won’t go into much detail about him, simply because there is too many great things to say I can say. So I’ll let the video do the talking.

#4 Tom & Lisa Bilyeu

If you’ve seen Simon’s video that went viral, you probably know Tom Bilyeu. If you’ve done your homework, you will have noticed that not all interviewers aren’t just stinky old interviewers, but some pretty extraordinary people themselves.

And so is Tom.

Tom isn’t only the host of my favourite show Impact Theory, but also the founder of Quest Nutrition. A company that has grown a juicy 57.000% in only 3 years. Indeed, a big number.

Through sharing his indestructible mindset on success and developing yourself, Tom is hard to trump by anyone.

Together with his wife, Lisa, they recently launched the show Relationship Theory in which they talk about topics such as longevity in relationships, setting personal boundaries, taking responsibility over your emotions, balancing work and life etc.

They have both laid a good part of my view on relationships. Go on see for yourself. 🙂

#3 Mark Manson

I’m ma be honest… Mark’s the guy I steal my jokes from. Well, sometimes. Mark’s an American star blogger, thinker, and life enthusiast as he calls himself who blogs about all sorts of stuff. Anything that has to do with personal development, psychology, relationships etc. you will find on his blog. And yes, his stuff is pretty. damn. good. and entertaining at the same time.

In his latest book, ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck: A Counterintuitive Approach To Living A Good Life’, he brings to life why the entire notion of ‘thinking positive’ and ‘trying to be happy’ is complete bullshit.

And he’s got a point I must admit.

He constantly challenges the status-quo, is provocative, bit of an asshole, and overall a pretty straightforward and blunt guy. He has laid a big part of how I think about life, myself and others.

#2 My Mom

Moms are great. Period.

Since the moment we were born, up to know, our moms were there for us, supporting us in our darkest hours and being the hotspot for any time we are stuck in a life-crisis or require her advice.

You may be thinking I’m mama’s boy, but to me, my mom’s my best friend. And I bet she’s yours too.

So let’s all calm the fuck down for second and appreciate our moms. They deserve it.

Mom, I love you. ❤


…and you Stanley.

#1 Yourself

Inspired through Matthew McCounaughey’s speech at the Golden Globe Awards 2014, he made me realize the importance and power of 100% believing in yourself.

I may have listed up a bunch of ‘life heroes’ or idols I have. And that’s all nice and good.

Yet, the biggest hero we should all have is the person we strive to become. Look ahead ten years and ask yourself who you want to be! Visualize who you want to be. Career-wise and privately.

I don’t see a reason why we shouldn’t all be our greatest heroes. 🙂

Thanks for reading. 🙂

Who is your biggest hero? Who has inspired you the most or has made a significant contribution to your life?


  1. what I like about your blogs is your obvious kindness to yourself. you respect your pace, you seek answers but you follow your rhythm. it’s so beautiful to witness. there seems to be great intuition! kinda rare! though you should know YOU ARE SEEN, if you don’t know 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww, this was honestly such a great post! And obviously, it’s our moms who inspire us at the end of the day. I feel so crappy now – I just told her I wasn’t hungry when she made me breakfast. Way to make me feel guilty, dude. Thanks a lot 😂 Nahh, but seriously, this post was awesome. I feel like the last one especially, since I need to kinda… Stop hating myself for being so awkward all the time, haha. Loved it!

    ❄ – UniquelyMe – ❄

    Liked by 1 person

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