The Awesome Impact Award Nomination

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Describe an incident that impacted your life in a really positive way.


I‘m not gonna lie… I thought about this for a little while before writing it down. After trying to think of an event, I’d like to share with you the moment that impacted my life in a significant way… and still sorta does.

In 2014, I was faced with a decision I had to make. It was the decision to (a) drop out of high-school, and go to music school or (b) go to boarding school in the UK to continue my studies and attend university later. These choices had resulted from my continous, rather catasrtophic school performance in high school, in which I failed course after course, day by day. Simply put, I fuckin’ hated school.

I had been playing the piano for 10 years up until that point, attended a DJ school for a over 2 years and knew my passion lay in making music.

So why even think about going to boarding school????

Anyway, long story short, I packed my bags, and followed my parents advice. That was to go to boarding school to pursue an A-Level Diploma, all for the sake of going to a top-university later.

Two year after boarding school, I was finsihed. I was done mentally, emotionally, physically after all that studying I did for two goddamn years, not knowing if it was ever going to pay-off.

So I said I was going to join a wildlife conservation camp in the deepest jungle of Costa Rica the summer school had ended. And lo and behold, on the 17th of August at 5a.m., I lay in my 8 square meter room, at 40°C tropical heat, stared through my mosuqito net into the jungle, as I heard my phone buzzing, knowing my A-Level results came in.

I walked over to the chair, grabbed my phone, opened my emails, and read the attached transcript.

Ever since this day, I go through life with a mindset knowing that if we put our head to something, we can achieve nearly anything we want. Yes, there may be people who are more talented at some things than others. Even though I knew I never had a talent for the academic world, I realized that, quote on quote, hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work. 

…I called my family, only to tell them I had been performing highest from all my classmates in 3 of 5 examined subjects, and had received a part-time scholarship for my last year at school.

You see my friends, talent matters. But hard work and consistency matter more.

Do I regret not going to music school? No way. But I do still think about going to music school every now and then. After all, whenever I hear music, I start to fade into a world that goes far beyond the walls of my own consciousness.

Let’s see what the future brings. I’ll keep you guys posted! 😉

Thanks for reading,



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