Who are you and what is ‘The Ultimate Psyche?’

829c8502-072e-4df8-bd87-22d73fc5454c.JPGHi there! I’m Max. 23-years-old, recent college grad, who studied Business Psychology. Yes, it is just as interesting as it sounds! 😛

My friends say I’m a bit of a weirdo/goofball who says a lot of sarcastic shit. On some occasions, even something intelligent.

Two things I really enjoy are writing down random things that come to my mind and cooking. My speciality is pesto pasta and Nutella pancakes. I know, very impressive.

I also seem to enjoy daydreaming, playing the piano, working-out, traveling, dancing salsa, reading and, obviously, writing stuff.

What’s the purpose of this blog and why the hell should I take you seriously? 

I thought you would never ask!

Look, the point of this blog is not to tell you some cute and clichee sounding crap like ‘be the best version of yourself’. In fact, I don’t even think I have anything special to say to you.

Most of the stuff I write about, are random things I believe are worth sharing with you. Things that help me correct my own misperceptions about this world. I also seem to enjoy getting creative by expressing my own thoughts on paper and combining my writing with poopy jokes.

…and please, don’t take any of what I write seriously. Just read and decide for yourself. If you agree with me, that’s great! If not, thats fine too. 🙂

You do like, soooo much stuff! How come?!?!

To me there is nothing in this world that isn’t interresting in its own way. I don’t know what it is, but everything I see or hear about seems to have an interesting element to it and I tend to get excited as soon as I try new things. Sometimes with success. Sometimes without.

Nice story bro. But you’re 23 and just finished your degree. What the hell do you know about anything!?

Remember how I said you don’t need to take me seriously?

How would you describe your lives philosophy?

Indeed this is a tough question. A philosophy  I really believe in is that you can never be truly loved by someone, if you’re not hated by others. This is because, in a world that tries to make you “fit in”, speaking your truth and being your unique “you” can be a rebelious act. Some people will love you for who you are. Others won’t. Either one is fine.

I like your blog! Can I get access to more stuff? 

Thank you and yes. The best thing you can do is subscribe to my newsletter. Newsletters contain weekly inspiring quotes, videos, interviews, opportunities for you, and other random stuff. 🙂

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No spam, promise.

Tell me something personal about you! Something that makes you unique!

I’m 23 years of age, sleep with a teddy bear called Gustav, and have an impressive collection of Lego Star Wars spaceships in my room.

…and Gustav was given to me on my birthbed. So shut up.

I’m starting to love/hate you! Where can I find out more about you? 

Feel free to stalk me on my social media. Here is my Facebook. Or you can follow me on Instagram… or drop me an email.

If you feel like sharing your life story with me, I’m happy to read it! 🙂

There are many articles on this page! Where should I start? 

Perhaps the best starting point for you may be this one. It seems to be the one that get’s the most eyeballs.

You can also scroll through the categories on the upper menu and click on the one that most appeals to you. 🙂

If you’d like it more professional, with less poopy jokes, then have a go at reading my magazine articles.

Do you play fortnite?

Nope, but I play League. My name is “DontAskForH3lp”. Just add me.

…and please don’t ask me how I got that name. Should be self-explanatory…

So you’re into reading… Do you have a favourite book?

Clearly there are too many great books out there to rank them in order. I do keep a reading list on my blog that contain some of the books that have proven useful to me in one way or another.

I named it Ultimate Library and you can access it by clicking here. It’s also got some nice little book summaries and fancy amazon links to help me earn a few bucks. Go and buy friends!!

Can I contact you? 

Sure! If you have an idea for an article, want to say, ask, or complain about something click here.

Can I become a contributor/do a guest post on your blog?

You sure can. Click here to read more.

Is this FAQ-like thing soon over?

Soon. Promise.

How come you’re so handsome?

I have no idea. If I would, I probably wouldn’t be doing this.

What are your two favourite things to do?

That’s a cool question!

Traveling is one of them. I really enjoy being spontanous, pack my shit and disappear. I’m both into beaches and mountains and going somehwere without a real plan. Seems to have worked out quite well so far.

Watching series is also fun…

What’s your current/favourite Netflix series?

I prefer Netflix for movies. For series, I’m more the Amazon Prime kinda guy. Right now, I watch Startup. It’s about this young dude who invests drug money his dad gave him (to hide) into a cryptocurrency startup.

Boys and girls… this is the kind of stuff you want to watch… trust me.

What’s your favourite meal?

Pesto pasta, burritos, steak and the usual kind of stuff. Pretty average really.

I want to become your friend/meet you! What do I need to do?

Buy me a burrito and I will have a think.

Got it. Can I go now?

Sure. Goodbye. 🤪

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