Who are you and what is ‘The Ultimate Psyche?’


Hi. My name is Max. I’m 21-years-old, and enjoy giving advice to people without trying to be a complete condescending asshole.

Currently I go to university and study Business Psychology. I also eat pesto pasta 5 times a week, play the piano, work-out, travel, and still sleep with my teddy bear I was given the day I was born.

Yes, I’m actually serious.

Do you actually eat pesto pasta 5 times a week?

Not always. Sometimes. I’ll have some tonight though.

What’s the purpose of this blog and why the hell should I take you seriously? 

You don’t have to take me seriously at all. Feel free to scroll through my articles, and decide for yourself.

After all, I seem to enjoy giving advice to people and regularly roll my eyeballs at the dumb stuff some people say or think in this world. This blog sorta gives me the feeling I can get some things straight out there.

Dude, you’re 21 and haven’t even finished your degree. What the hell do you know about anything!?

Remember how I said you don’t need to take me seriously?

How would you desribe your lives philosophy?

Screw the repurcussions! This is who I am! 

I like your blog! Can I get access to more stuff? 

Thank you and yes. The best thing you can do is subscribe to my newsletter. Newsletters contain the weekly inspiring quotes, cool videos, interviews, opportunities for you, and a whole bunch of other random stuff. 🙂

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I’m starting to love/hate you! Where can I find out more about you? 

Feel free to stalk me on my social media. Here is my Facebook. Or you can follow me on Instagram… or drop me an email.

But please, no life stories.

There are many articles on this page! Where should I start? 

Perhaps the best starting point for you may be this one. I say this because it seems to be the one that get’s the most eyeballs.

In fact, if you came here looking for some sort of life advice about how to develop your personality, get relationship tips, read about our well-being, or just read about how to manipulate someone, you came across the right place.

Do you play fortnite?

*Sigh* I’m a 21-year-old book nerd who isn’t even considered human by his ex! Really bro?

I want to contact you! 

If you have an idea for an article, say, ask, or complain about something click here.

Can I become a contributor to your blog? 

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Is this soon over?

Yes, now. 🙂