Hi again! 

You may have already the part about me to the right of you –>

Here is a little more information about myself. Just for you to know who the hell the dude is that sits behind the articles.


Yes, for some reason I like to upload photos with my sister. Capri. I also like eating pesto pasta five times a week (I used to only eat pasta as a kid… for some reason this still did not change) and ehm… love my family of course.

This photo was taken in Kyoto, Japan. As I already told you, I am passionate about traveling to almost any place you and I could possibly think of (okay, maybe not any place). I’ve visited over 30 countries and love to write my articles whilst I travel or when I’m at home.

This brings me to my next point. Born in Germany, living in the UK, I study Business Psychology (BSc). Psychology and the idea of the mind fascinates me. Except for the historical part of it. I find that a little boring. But thats okay I guess. 🙂

Thats nice… And why the hell should I take you seriously? 

The point of this blog is twofold. One, to give away the best applicable psychology shit and two, to see for yourself. Any of the stuff  you read on this blog, you don’t have to take seriously. If you want, give them a read and decide for yourself. 🙂

So whats up with The Ultimate Psyche?

If you keep scrolling you will read about my best friend, James. James and I, for some strange reason, share the same passion. To inspire people through personal development, emotional intelligence and wicked psychology stuff.

Hey there,

I’m the other half of the Ultimate Psyche. They call me James. James Rosenthal.

If you have got past the