My Top 10 Places To Take Your Loved One To in 2018

Since my early childhood, I've been fortunate enough to have traveled to many exotic and beautiful places with my family and by myself. Whilst traveling to almost 30 different countries I've always been documenting what places I would like to come back to one day with my own family. Here are my all-time favorites I believe offer the best experience! :-)


#10Matera, Italy
You better not be afraid of the dark! Matera is so special because it is largely made of ancient caves! Yes, caves! The city has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The caves actually make Matera a great place to visit with your partner! But make sure to stay in the ancient part of the city! It offers some small but very sweet hotels that are perfectly made for couples. And yes, you do get to sleep in cozy and warm beds inside the caves! It’s worth the adventure! 🙂

#9Portofino, Italy
Get used to me writing about Italy! 😉 Portofino is a tiny yet colorful village lying right at the Meditarrian sea. Out of all places I’ve been to, there are few that can offer a more romantic vibe as Portofino. It’s a great place if you want to walk through little alleyways, pop into small shops and enjoy typical Italian dishes right at the harbor. Portofino lies in a small bay with houses and apartments sitting on top of cliffs offering a great view over the sea. Due to its small size, you will get to know Portofino only within a day, so staying for about three days is just perfect! 🙂

#8Kyoto, Japan
According to UNESCO, Kyoto is the most cultural city in Japan! Throughout my travels to 5 different cities in Japan, I can only confirm that! Kyoto is a somewhat small to medium size city, where you 100% get the feel for being in Japan. No high-rise buildings, no glamourous advertising panels like you get them in Tokyo, no nothing! Kyoto truly represents the deep and traditional culture of Japan. Remember all those beautiful pictures you sometimes see of amazing parks, temples, and so on? Yup, that’s Kyoto! 🙂 Should you ever get the chance to go there, make sure to check out Okochi Sanso Garden and Katsura Imperial Village! There is no place of similar beauty and peace. 🙂

#7Vancouver, Canada
Canada doesn’t only provide great attractions like its beautiful nature, but also offers some great city’s to check out. Although Vancouver is on the other side of the world, it has a slight European touch to it. Vancouver is very business-like throughout the day but transforms into a much more ‘hipster-like’ scene with a lot of young people at nights. It’s modern buildings and chilled vibe gives Vancouver a very fresh atmosphere and it’s a great place in case both of you enjoy bike rides around the city and parks. 🙂 Vancouver is one of the very few large cities I would go to again anytime!

#6Venice, Italy
I know, I have an obsession with Italy, but you know what… for me, Italy symbolizes love, easiness, positive vibes, and adventure! Especially Venice. Venice is a great place to check out for a spontaneous weekend trip with your loved one. Not only does it offer some great and famous restaurants, but going along the Canale Grande in a gondola, compares to nothing else! Venice is a city of its own, that is and will always remain a top destination for my family one day!

#5Ubud, Bali
Looking for diversity? Self-healing? Meditation? Then Bali is the place for you. It’s great for recharging your battery. Even though it doesn’t offer a sandy beach everywhere, Bali’s beauty lies in its nature. Hikes through the rainforest and getting to know ancient temples is one in a lifetime experience. There really is no other place like it. During my time in Bali, I went to Ubud. There you can see the traditional rice paddies, ancient palaces, and steep ravines. You really dive deep into the culture of Indonesia. It’s a place where you and your partner can 100% focus on each other and experience adventures that will always make you smile together and form forever lasting memories. 🙂

#4Molori Lodge, Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa
Have you seen the movie Planet Earth? Yup, a Safari can be just like that! Well… not quite, but similar! 😉 This is a must-do for every couple! A Safari cannot only bring you closer to the beauty of nature and let you see the ‘big five’ but also allows you to step into nature and see how wild animals actually live. It really is something incredibly exciting! Getting up early at 4.00a.m to look out for lions, Giraffes and other sorts of wildlife! During the night, you may even get a chance to hear lions raw. It’s really spectacular! On top of this, there are a number of amazing resorts that offer great luxury for both of you to make the best of your time! Even if you want to take your kids with you, there are several parks that are Malaria-free zones! 🙂 …And, you may even get the chance to pic-nic together with your ranger out in the wild for breakfast! Click here to check it out! 🙂

#3Kakslautanen Arctic Resort, Finnland
White Christmas guaranteed! December 2016, I went to the Kakslautanen Arctic Resort with family and friends. You may have seen it on social media before. 😉 Kakslautanen, was and still is, one of my favorite location for outdoor activities. Horse riding in the deep-snow, Huskey safaris, snowmobile safaris, icebreaker cruises and most important of all, the Northern lights or ‘Aurora’ as they call it. My advice to you is to book yourself an igloo to sleep in. The igloos have a glass roof that offer a stunning view into the night sky where falling asleep below the Northern lights is just an all day classic!

Even though it felt like taking 5 days to get there, the journey was worth it! The Maldives are a group of island, right in the middle of the Indian ocean. They were formed from volcanic eruptions underneath sea and are often referred to as ‘atolls’. Apart from the crystal clear turquoise water, they are an absolute must for divers and couples who just want to take time off. The good thing about them? There’s very little to do. It’s all about relaxing, calming down and enjoying the beauty of nature and recharging your energy. I would take at least a good 7 days on the Maldives. This gives both of you time to check out some other islands and experience life to the fullest!

#1Nimmo Bay Resort, Broughton Archipelago, Canada
Out of all of the many different places I’ve been to, Nimmo Bay was by far, the most stunning. I’m not going to get into describing how amazing this place is, simply because I can’t find the words to do so. Yet, if you’re someone who loves nature, whale watching, helicopter fishing and doing a casual picnic on glaciers (I know this sounds ridiculous), then Nimmo Bay is the right place for you to go to! On top of this, Nimmo Bay only has a very limited capacity for their guests, so really, you won’t find yourself at this place with more than a maximum 15 people. 🙂 When I left this place, I knew that this would certainly not be the last time they saw me! It’s a place where you and your partner can truly enjoy the best life has to offer. There is nothing beyond Nimmo Bay. 🙂

Take-home message. Puhh, that article took loooong to write! Out of all the many different places I’ve traveled to, I believe that these are certainly my top 10 I would always go to again one day! I also think that they are the perfect places if you want to take some time off with your partner and just enjoy life together. 🙂 My journey doesn’t end here. I have several other places on my bucket list that I can’t wait to get to one day! Places like the Atacama desert in Chile, Bora Bora Island in French Guinea or Antarctica! 😛

Let us know what your favorite holiday destinations have been so far! Have you been to any of the ones above? What places do you have on your bucket list? Share them with us in the comments below! 🙂

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