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I want to become a contributor! What do I need to do?

It’s simple.

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I work for a company and want to do a sponsored post! Can I do this?

Foreword: I’ll not promote the newest cat food or other dumb shit. 

Please, send me real stuff that is related to my blog and not some greedy, flashy marketing ad. I get a ton of emails talking about the most useless horseshit only to throw in a link at the bottom of the article.

Your article should give people valuable insights about your product and the scientific benefits it will bring. Whether those are spiritual, emotional, mental or physical. I promote articles that profoundly educate readers about the topic and the product in a concise and clear manner.

Topics you may wish to write about:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Social & Developmental Psychology
  • General Psychology
  • Mind & life hacks
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Personal development
  • Mental well-being & sleep
  • Spiritually related topics

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